Become a Consultant

Save Lives and Shape The Future of Medical Care

When you become a consulting member of Bodhi, you make a bold declaration about what you believe in.

​You place your flag in the ground, stating” I will take part in something incredible.”

​Your time and money work to reduce patient deaths and
spread the most advanced medical knowledge available.

​You reinforce your “Why” for becoming a physician.

​Saving Lives and Healing People.

Membership Details

Access to Bodhi text and video consultation software

Allowing you to consult globally

Donated time used for tax write-off

You receive a “receipt” for tracked consults

Satisfaction of doing good work in the world

Like a mission-trip, without the trip

Access to additional future features and services

You become a part of Bodhi’s big dreams

Price: $15/mon (tax deductible)