Our Mission

The Bodhi Connect Initiative

An Infinitely Connected World In The Fight For Health
The English term “Enlightenment” is a western translation of the Sanskrit word Bodhi.

Bodhi is pure, universal, and immediate knowledge and an accompanying state of “One-ness” that immediately extends across space and time. The Bodhi-Connect Initiative seeks to achieve oneness in achieving global health.

We embody the philosophy that every citizen of Earth has an undeniable right to quality medical care. Through Bodhi Connect, our vision is to deliver the highest care to those even in the most remote and rural areas.

The Bodhi Connect Initiative is partnership in which Health-e-MedRecord has donated the Bodhi Connect Global Missions EHR Platform to Health-e-Charity, a 501c(3) non-profit U.S.-based organization, to conduct medical missions using cutting-edge EHR and Telehealth technology.