Imagine for a moment...

The medical world, intimately connected in real-time, sharing the knowledge and expertise of U.S medical specialists and academic institutions with EVERY corner of the Globe.

Doctors anywhere could receive text and video consultations within minutes, providing them with vital information needed to save lives.

Patient deaths due to a lack of clinical expertise or knowledge would be avoidable.

Barriers to quality medical care would be a thing of the past.

This is Bodhi

Born from real-life experience

After returning home from a medical-mission trip in India, Dr. Reyes, CEO of Bodhi, received urgent text messages from doctors asking how to treat a child with acute renal failure.

Within minutes, Dr. Reyes coordinated care, connecting Indian doctors with a pediatric nephrologist, and vitally needed care was initiated. ​

Outcome: Patient received stabilizing care and the patient recovered.

Non-urgent, follow-up care with a local nephrologist was then arranged.

Uniting The Doctors of The World

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Bodhi memberships

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Consultants are the backbone of Bodhi, virtually assisting rural Doctors in treating their patients and saving lives.


Physicians needing help diagnosing and treating patients.

Consultees around the world are looking to tap into Bodhi’s powerful network of U.S based Doctors. ​

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