No Barrier Care

U.S based Physicians,

"The Consultants"

The Consultants donate $15/month as a membership fee to be a part of Bodhi. This gives them the ability to set up a consultant profile, allowing them to donate their time, tracked and eligible as a tax write-off, and the authority to assist other doctors (The Consulatees) on cases they aren’t quite sure how to solve.

Doctors globally that need help,

“The Consultees”

The Consultees have access to Bodhi’s network of U.S based physicians (The Consultants), ABSOLUTELY FREE. We believe there should be no barriers to quality medical care, not even the smallest of fees.
This philosophy makes up our cornerstone service, Bodhi’s global text and video consulting software, instantly connecting doctors in need to U.S based specialists to assist in treating patients. Anytime. Anywhere.