Become a Consultant

Save Lives and Shape The Future of Medical Care

When you become a consulting member of Bodhi, you make a bold declaration about what you believe in.

​You place your flag in the ground, stating” I will take part in something incredible.”

​Your time and money work to reduce patient deaths and
spread the most advanced medical knowledge available.

​You reinforce your “Why” for becoming a physician.

​Saving Lives and Healing People.

Become a Consultee

Receive Help From Bodhi's Global Network

Becoming a Consultee member of Bodhi, you tap into a vast network of global physicians that assist you in treating patients.

​ With just a few clicks, you are connected to any number of specialty Doctors that have the answers you need in minutes.

​ No more waiting weeks for specialty consults.

​ No more lost patients.

​ No more feeling helpless.

​ No cost to you.

Membership Details (Become a Consultant)

Access to Bodhi text and video consultation software

Allowing you to consult globally

Donated time used for tax write-off

You receive a “receipt” for tracked consults

Satisfaction of doing good work in the world

Like a mission-trip, without the trip

Access to additional future features and services

You become a part of Bodhi’s big dreams

Price: $15/mon (tax deductible)

Membership Details (Become a Consultee)

Absolutely free

We believe there should be no barriers to great medical knowledge.

Access to Bodhi text and video consultation software

Receive the help you need in minutes.

Remotely receive consults from U.S Physicians

Anytime. Anywhere.

Access to additional future features and services

All new developments will be available to you.

Price: $0/mon (tax deductible)